Warren Smith is a director of his own construction management consultancy specialising in refurbishing listed buildings, primarily for the hospitality industry. He holds two BSc degrees; one in Construction Management from Reading University, and another in Project Management from the University of London. He was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, and moved to the United Kingdom when he was 19, living in London, Guildford and now in Oxford with his girlfriend. Warren played provincial level cricket and junior level rugby in his native South Africa.

  • Warren Smith reading FREEDOM
  • Warren Smith, founder of World Transformation Movement Oxford, with his girlfriend

“This understanding is literally priming you for a conversation with yourself that you need to have, giving you the answers. It gives you the answers to every question you’ve ever asked yourself. It’s not dogma. It’s amazing, I love it.”

“This information takes you on a journey that is two million years in the making, from the birth of intellect to right this second—and the immensity of it so simple that in the end you just shake your head and say that’s too simple, how have I not thought of that?” Warren Smith